Philadelphia Public Pools: John B. Kelly Pool

Philadelphia Public Pools: John B. Kelly Pool

People need to give the public pools of Philadelphia a chance! I went to Kelly pool for the first time and I was quite impressed. The pool area is very clean and with the exception of weekends there is  plenty of room for everyone to swim. My favorite part, Kelly pool has lap lanes all day! 

Five Land Exercises that Will Help You in the Water

I've got 5 exercises that swimmers do when they're not in the pool to enhance their swim workouts. When swimmers aren't in the pool they take advantage of these exercises called dryland. Dryland is mostly used to strengthen areas that are heavily used in the pool.

1. Flutter kick- lying on your back hold your feet straight out with your toes pointed if possible. Your feet should be approximately 6 inches off the ground. For about 30 seconds hold your feet six inches above the ground and pretend to kick. The amount of time is supposed to increase as you get stronger. This exercise engages the abs for sure; after you get the hang of it you'll definitely start seeing the benefits in the pool

IMG_3246 (1).JPG


2. Squat and an added jump- Start in a squatting position with your legs at a 90 degree angle. Hold your arms straight above your head in streamline position. Once your arms are in the correct position, jump up, then return to your squatting positions. Try doing five in a row. This benefits starts off the block as well as flip turns off the wall.



3. Running man- For this one you will need a friend. You will need a tennis ball and a hardwood floor. Person one and person two will want to stand maybe half a basketball court apart -one person on the outside of the court, the other at the halfway mark. The person on the outer court line runs in place. The person in the middle of the court drops the ball. As soon as the ball drops the person sprints to the ball; the less the tennis ball bounces the better. The purpose of this drill is to focus on reaction speed.

4. Abs in any form are always great. There are so many varieties, that whatever you put into your workout related to ab strengthening will help. You can literally find inspiration any where check out Neila Rey's workouts. They have tons of variety and some of them have awesome themes:




5. Medicine balls are so versatile but one particular exercise I remember was using a medicine ball against the wall. You can throw it against the wall if you're alone, or do it with a friend if you have one; you can throw the ball in different ways to help engage different muscles. Over the head, back and forth to each side with one hand, and the basketball shot are all ways to strengthen the arms.

What is the Latest at Swim Philly!

What is the latest with Swim Philly

 August Blog:

Whats been happening recently!!!

So July and August have been a bit crazy as I have been giving lesson during the day. Swim Philly has been an amazing success and I hope that I can keep the movement going as we get to the fall. Remember just because its getting cooler out that doesn't mean the lessons have to stop we just have to move inside.

Swim Philly's founder, Kelcey, has been doing a ton of triathlons. This is when you swim, bike and run, all in one event. Most recently she swam a quarter mile in the Atlantic city bay. She can proudly say she swam a quarter mile in 8 minutes and 49 seconds. No wetsuit needed.  She would like to argue that it was due to her part mermaid self but alas it was just due to a lot of practice and a great attitude.

I have been giving a ton of lessons this summer. I gave a grand total of forty lessons. This means alot of sun, water and smiles from the kids. Its been an incredible season and I just want to thank the Flourtown swim club for allowing me to call their pool home this summer.  It has been a great starting season for Swim Philly and I appreciate the support from all of my supportive friends, family, and everyone I teach. 

Whats Next for Swim Philly!:

Further training from USMS and Happily becoming a zone two certified Coach

Swim Season is Moved indoors! Coaching starts now!

Hopefully moving my lessons Downtown! I would still be happy to teach private lessons downtown if your looking for some please contact me at