The Hydro Flask

So recently I got this awesome new water bottle as a gift. It has twist top that can be opened and closed for adding ice. Fairly tall so it carries a good amount of water in it! But the real kicker to this water bottle is that cold water stays cold for 24 hours and hot water stays warm for around six hours. I know what you’re thinking; she has to be joking. But I’m truly impressed with this water bottle. It's kind of a hybrid of a water bottle and a coffee mug since it insulates hot and cold liquids. I have not gotten to test hot water! But with cold water it has stayed cold as long as 12 hours; that’s right! On a hot summer's day luke warm water is no more! In fact, the water maybe gone but even the ice cubes remain intact on this hot September day.

Another thing I really enjoy about this product is that when you snap it shut, there aren’t gonna be any water bottle leaks. That’s right, closed means closed. The hydro flask comes in a variety of colors along with sizes and models. So check it out! Many people have a goal of drinking more water daily. This is sure to help with that! These hydro flasks can be found at outdoor stores such as REI and Eastern Mountain Sports. It may be different, but trust me as a person who drinks a lot of water. You will enjoy your water much more if It’s served cold! Check it out and tell me what you think!