Underwater Audio Sound System

Recently I got the underwater audio version of the iPod shuffle and this thing rocks. It's easy to set up: plug into your computer, add your songs, charge it up and you're good to go! The underwater sound quality is pristine as I couldn't tell the difference between sound quality above and below water.
        If you swim alone this is a great way to set up quick songs that coordinate with your workout! You'll put quick beats for the speed work and slow music for the easier stuff. Have fun with your playlists and mix it up! I feel like music is also a great way to add some company to your workout! Yes, you may be doing it alone but you'll always have something to focus on aside from your laps,
       When you order this version, your initial order comes with the iPod shuffle, the port to connect into the computer, and a pair of waterproof headphones. The waterproof headphones are the basic model but they get the job done! My one complaint was that they did have a bit of trouble staying in your ears. Don't get me wrong, I swam laps with them, but it was a bit of a downer always having to finagle with them. Iā€™m sure if I spent more time I could have gotten them to fit in my cap eventually.
       Due to this problem, underwater audio seems to make a better version of the headphones. Your purchase includes a discount code for those headphones. From the pictures I've seen, the headphones look like they could stay in your ears much easier then the pair they provide for free! That being said, I'm still highly impressed with the sound quality of the headset. I've swum competitively all my life and my senior year was the first time that we had music and deck announcements in the pool (below water). This purchase is a great gift and I would consider it a new staple in my swim routine. You can purchase underwater audio iPod at www.underwateraudio.com ! Anyone who enjoys swimming will love this.                             

As always happy swimming,
Coach Kelcey