Keep Wet: Things to Do During the Off Season

Summer has come and gone and now we have to move indoors! But you can still train in the pool!

1,.There are plenty of indoor facilities you can use to keep making your swimming stronger!
Sign up for an indoor triathalon!!! I like to think that if you don't sign up for a race you’re not going to feel as pressed to train! By signing up, you’re for sure going to train and stay in shape. Also another good thing is you won't have to pick up and rapidly train in the summer for your outdoor open water swims and triathlons if you’ve already been training for one in the off season.
2.Another great idea is to hit up the warmer climates. Places like Florida,Texas and California all have mild winters. It's nothing as extreme as it is on the east coast. I say this because you will also get a vacation in while supporting your training! You can hang out afterwards in warmer climates and enjoy the sun!
3.Focus on the details of your stroke!! When you’re in practice grab a friend and get someone to tape you. Usually workout centers allow a guest to come. This is an awesome and fun way to help analyze your stroke! Also, add some new drills to your workout!! Drills usually help everyone on all different levels! At the end of the day no matter how much you focus on speed, being efficient is a huge party of speed! As you make your stroke cleaner and smoother, the speed will also come. While it may take some time, I guarantee you will see a difference!
4. Attend a stroke clinic ! You can have a professional help break down your stroke and take those recommendations back to the pool!! Hopefully with practice you will see a positive change. Look out for these as you attend your indoor pool.