Do you Want to Start Swimming Again? Check out U.S. Masters Swimming

United States Masters Swim Team:

As a USMS Coach I wanted to shed some light on this great organization. This organization is basically designed to keep adults in the pool. They create a team made up of anyone aged 18 and up and want to keep them swimming. Usually how it works is you join the United States Masters Team as a whole. There are a variety of places you can swim and once you join the organization you only have to pay around 5 dollars per workout. I think this is a great organization in that you find people who genuinely enjoy swimming like you do, they provide practice and competition space, and they just want people to continue to swim regardless of what level they are at.

These workouts are challenging so just be aware of that before you sign up for an initial class. Make sure you can swim at least 300 yards at once. If you’re new to swimming they have an adult learn to swim class. That helps promote swimming amongst all ages. But if there's one good thing about the masters swim club it’s that they take the work out of keeping up with your swimming. You know where the pool is supposed to be and where the workout is, heck they even have workouts made for you; all you have to do is show up. If you enjoy swimming as a workout and want to train for an event involving swimming and have experience this group in for you! Visit the website to find your local USMS team. Visit the website at