Does this fit me? -Conquering A One-piece

I’ve gotten a few questions on trying on competitive one piece suits! So i’m here to help you tackle the lofty task at hand. One pieces tend to be a challenge in that they are supposed to fit tightly and nothing is left to the imagination, but leave all those insecurities at the door. They have a sizes that go from 26 to 40. They bump up by two’s. So to put it into perspective, I’ve never worn anything smaller than a 30 just due to the fact that I have a long torso! The only people I know who can wear 26’s and 28’s are young kids so you can chill on the fact that there is no need to fit into a 28.

The best way to figure out a suit size is to try them on. I’m telling you once you’ve been in the game for a while you’ll have it down pat but I’d rather you be comfortable wearing your suit then never wearing it at all. All one piece competitive suits follow the universal suit size. However there is a bit of variety in the brand name, i.e. Nike, Arena, Speedo, as well as the type of suit (endurance, endurance light) and a regular suit. If you try it on and decide it fits like a glove, great; if not then maybe that suit wasn’t made for you. As females we have such a variety of body types. Just because a suit doesn't fit you doesn’t mean you’re weird, it just means it wasn't for you. Once you know your suit size well enough check out They have great suits at very affordable prices.

Good luck to all those suit shoppers and remember try to have a little fun with it and don’t be too hard on yourself!