Am I Ready for an Open Water Swim ?


Open water swimming can be a lot of fun! You get to be outside, compete and get in the water. Are interested in competing in your first open water swim? Here is what you need to ask yourself?

How confident are you with your swim skills? If your foreign to the pool that is ok. But do you have enough time to learn the skill before the competition. I want all of my readers to at least feel safe before they enter the competition! Where your competition may be do deep to touch the bottom! So you need to be able to get threw the set distance without help! Being nervous is ok and normal but fearing for your life makes it a lofty goal.

Do you know how to float? Floating is a key skill for veterans and newbies alike. If you have the ability to float you can catch your breath. Even if you're anxious it allows you to get your bearing together. Having your face out of the water also just helps you mentally take a breath and hey worst comes to worse you can always backstroke to the finish line.

Have I practiced in open water?: Practicing in open water will be great. It will either show you your ready or show you what you need to work on! I have seen and attended clinics Fairly close to center city Philadelphia! Many times clinics are added options for races. They have many lifeguards in both boats and holding onto floatation devices. So if you ever panic grab on to a lifeguard.

How warm will the water be? If your open water swimming in march or may you may need a wetsuit! If your body get too cold you might get hypothermia. And that will make you feel sick and all kinds of other problems. You can stay safe and warm and avoid the terrors by wearing a wetsuit if you racing in spring time !     

These are just a few questions I like to ask to make sure you're ready for your open water race. Not ready racing is definitely still possible just give yourself a bit more time to train.