Recovery Workout

As athletes we tend to push our bodies. We tend to want to keep pushing ourselves so that we keep getting better, but what do we do when we feel well beyond a good workout? Let me introduce you guys to something called a recovery swim. Regardless of whether you're a swimmer, runner, weight lifter, or just active in general, a recovery swim is something great to have in the workout rotation. Doing a swim workout is good because it’s low impact on your joints. Many people say that even though you're tired, some sort of movement helps the body recover. So when I'm coaching my kids and they look legit exhausted after a heavy sprint day, I would say a recovery day is definitely in order.

Recovery swims are usually low in distance. I would say 2000 or less would be good. You determine your amount of recovery based on how much you swim. Gauge the distance; ¾ or half the amount of your usual workout is a good distance. I would also say you don’t need to do much sprinting.Three good topics we should cover are mid distance segments, technique, concentrate on pull or kick. Focus on technique rather than speed because speed really tends to wear the muscles out!  Don’t forget to add in some kick or pull sets and a good warm down.

Also you don't necessarily need to be a swimmer for your body to enjoy the benefits of a recovery swim. A few years ago I did my first half marathon. I was so sore I could barely walk. And apparently I was wearing the wrong shoes that had no support through all thirteen miles! I figured swimming might be the best therapy to combat my sore situation. I did maybe 900 yards and when I got out the pain was reduced. It wasn’t entirely gone but luckily swimming allowed me to move much more easily

If you have access to a pool I strongly encourage you all to try a warm down workout!!


200 Swim

6 X75 Kick/drill/swim broken up by 25

5 X 100 Smooth at 65% intensity

2x 200 Swim freestyle

           100 easy warm down


Try the workout above because doing something is better than being sore for the next week!


Keep calm and swim on!

Coach Kelcey