Got Goals!.... this blog provides some tricks on how to conquer your goals

Setting goals is a big part of why I kept swimming and an even bigger part of why I keep swimming today! Do you have anything you would like to achieve? In terms of physical fitness, I have achieved a wide variety of physical challenges!  I have done a variety of race distances! There is so much more that you gain from training than just muscles !running and now triathlon distances as well! Goals take time and perseverance, but you learn so much through the process that I would encourage you to try and chase your goals and dreams down. I have five tips on how to achieve a physical challenge!

  1. Start small and work your way up! If you have a goal that's long term, that’s great, but it may seem more achievable if you do a couple smaller things first!

  2. Try to find out what equipment is needed along with how much time is needed for training for the event. Is this realistic for you and can you invest your resources into it?

  3. There are always unforeseen things that happen during training. You may have to buy a new tire, but training is never all rainbows and sunshine.

  4. Stay with it until the end; you put the money down and now it's time to see this goal through to the end! Stay positive and keep with it!

  5. Take training as a learning experience. There is so much more to gain from training than just muscle.