Building Confidence in The Pool

Something that I get asked about all the time is how am I so confident in the pool, the truth is it’s from a ton of experience as I was young when I started swimming. I guess I just genuinely enjoyed being in the water. Years later, I have had various experiences: club swimming, collegiate swimming both coaching and participating, competing in open water swims and just having fun in the pool myself. Before a lot of this happened, I had to practice consistently to build up my stamina and endurance. Some of my advice would be to grab a friend for a work out at the pool, that way it will be social as well as a good workout. You and your friend can also design a workout together which will help make you stronger and add some changes to the set. You all can even give each other stroke critiques if you need some improvement in that area as well. Have fun and enjoy learning how to swim and you will begin feeling more confident. I'm going to leave you all a short practice below, I will try to keep it short, around 30 minutes, but that being said, get to practicing, that's the best way to improve.


Beginner Workout - Bring a bottle of water, take breaks when you need too 

 100 (4 laps) warm up

6 x 50 (2 laps) kick up swim back, you can kick either on your back in streamline or with a kickboard.

 3 x100 Regular swim - your choice of stroke

3 x 200 -    First 50 fast 150 easy

                  Second100 fast 100 easy

                  200 Build-so this means increasing the pace every 50!

Regardless of where you're at in your swim journey, get in the water and start practicing. That way after three or four times you should begin to feel like you're getting better at swimming.