Breststroke Kick

Many time people ask me, where do we get our power from in swimming? The place where we get most of our power from is our kick. We could practice freestyle kick on our front for about a half an hour but that would be tedious. The best advice I can give you for strengthening your kick is practicing. But you don’t have to practice solely on working on your freestyle kick. Breaststroke and butterfly are also some really good options. Changing up your body position as well as the rhythm of the body make it feel less repetitive.  I choose to include the breaststroke kick as it seemed to challenge people the most.


I’m also going to include a short kick set that way you can practice it in addition to your workout!:     


8x100 kick IM order last 25 sprint kick @ 2:00

6x50 with fins backstroke or freestyle @ 1:00

6x25 underwater streamline @ 45