Refuel for Athletes During the Race

As I talked about earlier we have officially hit spring. This means there are many endurance athletes who we are participating in an athletic event. Something that I have come to realize is how important it is to fuel your body for training as well as race day itself. Another thing that I realized is how important it is to carry extra fuel on you because let’s face it. You wanna avoid cramping and dehydration, and you want to finish that race. In this particular blog, I’m going to talk about refuel, during the race. There are many choices in terms of refuel during the race. So I reviewed four different items. You need to practice once or twice with these refuel packet just to make sure they sit well with your stomach. There are a vast amount of items to choose from besides the four I've listed so look around and you will find something that fits well with you

The first item I’m reviewing is called GU. GU is easy to digest and has a similar consistency to applesauce. They come in a variety of flavors. And they are very convenient as you just rip the packaging open and suck the GU out of the pack, no utensils needed. Once that's done it pretty easy to digest as it has the apple sauce like consistency. Like I said earlier give it a try yourself to make sure digestion goes well. And you're all set ready to do more miles.


I also tried Jelly Belly Sports Beans, they're full of electrolytes, carbohydrates and vitamins.they also contain caffeine. The flavor was just super intense for me that was my one complaint. They are pretty easy to eat. Give them a try who knows you may enjoy them.


I’m going to review two items from the company stingers. Honey stingers are awesome and probably my favorite refuel. They have gummies which are super lite and give you enough energy to finish the race. But nothing too intense to make you feel sick. They come in a variety of flavors.  They also created a stroop waffle type of thing that comes in flavors such as cinnamon, chocolate and original. The thing I like about honey stingers is they use a lot of natural ingredients so that another bonus. The energy chews are packed with vitamin C and carbohydrates. And honestly, they're just really tasty.

To any anyone reading this r you guys should always pack some type of refuel. I myself have had a few workouts gone wrong but luckily a friend passed me some refuel and I was able to complete the workout in one piece. It's one of those things that is better to have and not need then to need and not have.