Diversify Your Workout With Fins

So recently I've been teaching people about how important an effective kick is. If you have never done a swim team before, kicking is a challenge for you. If you have done swim team, you know the pain of kick sets and kicking as a single activity. In reality, kicking is challenging for everyone, swim team exposure or not the only difference is that swim team kids are just used to it. For those who are trying to strengthen their kick, I would suggest adding a kick set to your workout. I was doing a kick set with one of my clients. If you have a chance add in fins to change up the exercise. I don't recommend you wearing your fins for every kick set, but you should add them, in for diversity! Here is the set I created for my client, kicking is excellent for strengthening your core and legs.

Kick set:

1x:45 seconds all out               }

4X25 100 pace 70% or 80%     } x Both six times threw at 7:00 minutes

Rounds one and four underwater with fins

Rounds two and five are sprint swim with fins

Rounds three and six are vertical kick fly with fins with fins

Time can be adjusted if more or less rest is needed. Have fun and everyone enjoys the workout!