What Has Coach Kelcey Been Up to Recently?

So what have I been up to recently? It’s that time of year where swimming gets really busy. My first season as head coach is almost over. I have learned so much and I would definitely like to return to the school I coach at this year. I have gained a lot of respect for my old coaches. I do so many things beyond the pool. For example, setting up a team shop, coordinating how we will be getting to the meets, ordering suit sizes, coordinating banquets and get-togethers for my swimmers, communicating to parents, and coordinating for the championship season. That is just the things I need to do outside of the pool. I love my job and the staff but don’t get it twisted, the job has definitely kept me busy.

So during the championship season, we have two main events and the first one is our league meet. The league gathers all the teams together and all the swimmers race each other in various events. It’s an exciting and long day of racing but the reward is so much greater. When you see the improvements in the kids’ times it's just incredible; I had a kid drop 23 seconds in one of her events. Like I have said before, the kids are so hardworking you're just proud to see their hard work pay off. The other meet is called Easterns. It has teams from up and down the east coast that come to participate in this event. It is also hosted at a 24 lane pool. Another exciting thing is that it is a team trip, so the kids enjoy spending the night with their teammates. I look forward to this time of year because at this point the kids are generally ready to swim fast and have fun. They have done a majority of the hard work, and now it's time to see the rewards pay off.

In terms of my company, I may be hosting a clinic in the spring when things settle down a bit. I want to do it, but first I need to put in the required work needed to execute the clinic. Once I have the details for the clinic weekend, I will let you know.  I am still giving lessons to whoever asks for them but winter is, of course, a slower season for me.

In terms of swimming itself, I am training for the Miami miler. I am really looking forward to this event as I have never been to Miami before and i know that when my race comes around it should be nice and warm. It takes place on South Beach, so I know I will truly enjoy myself. I also can't wait to explore the culture, food, and sunshine of Miami. All in all, I'm ready for a nice time!