New Swimmers in the Pool

Being a first-time swimmer can be hard and overwhelming! I often find that being a first-time swimmer’s in a club can make one feel overwhelmed and even worried. Here are things I want new swim parents and new swimmers to know:

1. It's a big learning curve. Tell your swimmer to listen the best that they can, but it is also completely fair to ask questions. There are a lot of different things your child needs to learn from handling meets, learning to follow the clock, learning what it means to do a drill, and mastering nervousness at performing on demand. Feeling comfortable with all of these tasks will happen over time but if students have any questions, they should make sure to check in with one of the coaches.

2. Make sure they're having fun- If they're not having fun meeting people or doing the actual sport, then what is the point of them doing it? Before you want your swimmer to be a champion, you want to make sure they are enjoying themselves.

3. Swimming teaches you a lot of life lessons, so make sure you're teaching your child to follow through. College athletes don’t necessarily want to go to practice every day, but try to come up with a fair schedule for your swimmer that works fairly for them.

4. If you have a question, please feel free to send your coach an email. As a coach, I have no problem answering questions for you. Please ask after practice, as during practice tends to be a busy time for the coaches.

5. The best thing to do is be a supportive parent. Being a really good swimmer takes a lot of work. Cheer your child on and support her regardless of how she does.