We're Teaming Up for a Good Cause

So recently, I was approached by H2Afro's Owner, Judia Holton. Judia has an in-depth background in social justice. She realized that drowning is having a significant impact on the African American community and she would like to change this and see this change in a positive way. That's when she connected with me. She felt that maybe we could write a grant proposal to help get kids the swim lesson they need. These swim lessons are geared toward kids coming from lower-income families who can't afford it on their own. The grant would allow the swim lessons to be free to the kids. Judia is the organizer behind this awesome event, and I am the aquatics personnel. I know how to teach all levels how to swim. I have four years of working in a recreation center experience along with swim coaching and independent work under my belt. We are in the very beginning stages of this developing however we are very excited about this collaboration. We are working on coming up with the first draft of our grant and hopefully working with various organizations to get these free lesson available soon.