The Unexpected Treasures of My Bag

My sport bag has a lot of things inside it. There are a few things that you wouldn't normally expect! I choose to include these things in order to help you guys out in the future.  These are past the typical goggles and cap and more random then you probably expect, but they do manage to help me out in some way, shape, or form. My list is meant to help you and you should find it interesting.

1. My waterproof Ipod shuffle- This diversifies the workout and adds a little audio. It's fun mixing up your workout so every time you have a little bit of music, just like when you run. for me music tends to give e an extra push. This ipod is very inexpensive only 50 dollars and it comes with a set of basic headphones. if you interested check out the website its from the company underwater audio.

2. Travel size toiletries- I have 3 containers of toiletries one shampoo, one lotion and  one body wash. As you can guess, I travel to different pools. These particular containers have labels which is also awesome so you can decided know before hand what your grabbing for before you use it. They are also totally easy to refill and restock when need be.

3. A Thick Tooth Comb- In my opinion one of the most useful ways to brush thick hair after a long swim. if you let your hair dry with out becoming combed it becomes incredible hard to detangle. Do yourself a favor and comb it when your done with the pool. You will thank yourself later.

4. A Fork-I work at all times of the day so breakfast, lunch, and dinner are always available to be after a swim.  Sometimes I will take a to go meal. Sometimes it could be a protein bar. other times it needs to be more hardy. with meals you need away to eat it. In this case, grab a fork or spoon for your post meal bites. Having a fork helps a lot so keep one on you at all times.