Time to Upgrade Your Swim Wardrobe

     Recently I bought a new swimsuit. I swim regularly year round, so that means suit tend to lose the elasticity, color and fit quite quickly. As in within a year or two, I tend to retire a suit. When the fit lacks flexibility and the butt or tummy becomes saggy; I know it sadly time to retire that suit. I usually order from swimoutlet.com for strong suits. They have everything a swimmer could think of regarding gear and swimsuits. This go-round, however, I decided to try a new brand that recently came out called Jolyn. I ordered a one piece, and a two-piece and I have to say, I love both of them. The suit comes with the ability to stretch and shape around a woman's body; Yeah that's right, extra elastic and fabric for those chubby days.
Sorry to say but guys, Jolyn only makes female suits, so boys are out of luck on this end. I also admire the company, as they keep on eye on the details of their products and packaging. The suits themselves come in different types of colors and style, so you're bound to find something.  If you look at their website and social media sites, it's all about girl power. They promote women of all types for enjoying being in the water and having fun in it. My only complaint about the company is they don't do exchanges, but they will give you store credit, but hey that's more fun for me in the end so oh well. You can find their stuff via a trade show maybe some stores, but the easiest way is to place an online order.