Lake Placid

So this past weekend I had the privilige of attending one of my best friends weddings. The Majority of the festivities took place in Lake Placid, New York. Ive never been to upstate New York that far, but I believe they call that part of New York is called the Adirondacks. There were so many amazing pieces to this wedding but one thing that was special was the atmosphere that was created by none other then mother nature herself. Thats right the leaves were changing due to the crisp air; this gave us access to seeing beautiful fall foliage. There were also plenty of picturesque shots of the mountains. Something that I learned while being up their was Lake Placid was not the only lake in that region. They are spread out all over that area of New York.

I tried to attend some water activities, for example kayaking, and stand up paddle board. What I didn’t anticipate was the crisp, 40 and 50 degree temperatures. I packed a bikini and unfortunately it would have been way to cold to do any of those activities. I know however it has to be super nice in Lake Placid during the summer. You have a ton of access to stand up paddle boarding, swimming in fresh water and even stand up paddle board. as Im sure you predicted this sounds like a great time to me.

So after this trip I definitely hope to make it back to the Lake Placid area for some hiking, biking and other water activities. It was only a six or seven hour trip and I hope to come back to the area for another summer. So until then I want to say congratulation on an amazing day full of love and thanks for providing me with another epic adventure. Lake Placid area, swimphilly will return!