Swimming is my Favorite Recovery!

Swimming is the perfect pairing for almost any sport. Especially for activities like weightlifting and running! When I finished my first half marathon, I’m not gonna lie I could barely walk. This was not due to the half marathon itself but more the crappy running shoes I wore. My legs and knees were in a lot of pain. I thought hobbling around like a penguin won’t get me far. So I choose to get in the pool and just move around.

When I got in the pool, I did low intensity stuff. That means no long distance sets and all stuff on a slower speed. What makes the pool such a great place to recover is that in some ways it gives your body a break. When we run or lift their is a lot of pressure put on your joints in swimming there is some minor pressure put on your joints but it’s so much less then when you're running or lifting. Regardless, swimming is just a great way to stretch out,relax and to change your workout plan. Whatever your training goals are swimming related or not make sure you are recovering or resting in your workout.

After I finished working out in the pool there was still a bit of minor pain but it was much more manageable. So all I’m saying is that if their is a place when your body needs a break listen to it and take a breaK. Your body will thank you later! I’m including a recovery plan for all levels in the pool. That way all you have to do is get the the pool!

Recovery workout:

Warm up: 200(8 Laps) 100-free

                                    100-Kick on your back in streamline position or with a kickboard

Main set: 4X50 25 drill 25 swim

                      Optional drills:Ketch-up, Six-kick-switch, Zipper

            Don’t know what these drills are, check out my video for clarification:

                               Three freestyle drills

        4X50’s-25 kick 25 swim

                                 Numbers 1 and 3 are stroke

                                 Numbers 2 and 4 are freestyle

                       4x50 Regular Swim

100 Choice of Stroke Warm Down


Hope you guys enjoy the workout let me know how it goes in the comments below!

Keep calm and swim on,

Coach Kelcey