Is the Race Wetsuit Legal?

So you're debating about purchasing a wetsuit...


The rules and legality of wearing a wetsuit during an open water triathlon:

There is really only one important rule about wearing a wetsuit: Is the weather consistent with guidelines from the USTA?

What are the parameters of wet suit legality? According to the USTA website the water must be below 78 degrees for a wetsuit to be allowable.

The problem with this is that it may be hard to predict the weather in advance of race day. Now that you're aware of the parameters of wearing a wetsuit, here are the pros and cons of wearing and buying one!



-Helps you float much more easily. If you are confident in your swimming ability then I think you'll be fine, but for some people who need a bit of an extra confidence boost this could be great for you!

-Keeps you warm, as in you won't be getting hypothermia, but you're still not going to be swimming in the Caribbean ocean any time soon. I say this meaning it keeps your core as well as extremities warm (if you buy the booties and gloves), but it will still be a bit cold.



-It s a bit hard to get off! The only people who really need to worry about this are those who are doing this for a goal time or trying to qualify.

-They're kinda pricey. Just decide if the price is worth it to you. If it is a shorter race then you might just have to suck it up and race on with no wetsuit.


Food for thought:

Need One: ask your triathlon friends if you can borrow theirs.

Try to practice in it before you race in it.