Workout of the Day

I got in the pool and had such a great workout that I had to share it with you. So today I present to you my workout of the day!

Equipment: Cap


                  Water bottle


Swim workout goals: Speed

Swimmer type: This workout may be challenging to newbies. If you find the whole workout too challenging just do a single set.

200 warmup (8 laps)

6x50- 25 drill 25 swim (freestyle)

8x100 kick with a kick board (I mixed in freestyle, breaststroke, and backstroke kick)

200.      }

150.      }

100.      } X 2.       

50.        }

First round freestyle. Second round is stroke (fly, backstroke and breaststroke); increase speed as distance becomes shorter.

100 warm down

Total yardage: 2,300

Notes: if you can't do the whole workout that is ok! Try modifications of the set; for example, you can do one round of the pyramids instead of two! Take short breaks in between sets and don’t forget to stay hydrated.

Also you tend to be able to do more than you think you can!

Give yourself the needed rest and drink water during the workout!

Keep calm and swim on! I know you guys can kill this workout!