Race Preperation: How to Prepare for the Best Outcome of your Race

I've done a lot of races during my lifetime thus far and I think preparation has really helped me execute the race to the best of my ability. I always say coming with a plan never hurt anyone and so it can only help you. Here are the best ways to prepare for a race

1.Make sure your diet is up to par: Growing up I was always told carb loading was the way to prepare for a race but in all reality you don't actually need all that many carbs unless you’re running a really long race. Instead, I choose to eat a lot of fresh food and vegetables. Having carbohydrates is definitely fine but vegetables and fruits are much easier to digest; I think that might be why I like them. Also, keep tabs on your water intake. Being hydrated won't happen that day but more over the upcoming days before the race.

2. If you have a goal for the race, keep it in mind when you’re racing! Keep it in the back of your mind so that you can push yourself through the race!
For swimming in open water, having a race plan really tends to help. By looking over the course, you can keep a visual of the course you are racing on as you swim. By doing this, you can use landmarks or buoys to help you pace yourself for that particular course.        

3. Visualization is a great technique if you ever need to calm your nerves. You’re supposed to imagine what you want to do before the race. Everyone knows the saying “You have to see it to believe it.” If you want to believe that you’re going to finish first you must visualize and then execute it.

4. At the end of the day, not everything can be planned. Just remember to have fun during the race and enjoy it.