Cycling Kids Out of Poverty: Team SwimPhilly

So SwimPhilly has partnered up with the non-profit, Children of Vietnam, to help raise money for children in need. This non profit provides basic necessities for the kids of Vietnam.  The organization provides toilets, school supplies, bricks for building houses and so much more.  When I heard about this I had to get in on the fun. the goal of this even is to raise money by biking. you can get family, friends and coworkers to sponsor you. All you have to do is ride, the bike the more miles you log the more supplies that the kids in vietnam get. This event is based on how comfortable you feel on the bike so there are a lot of different ways to access a bike.  For example, If you live in Philadelphia, you may ride a bike to as a prime mode of transportation these are great ways to add a small amounts of donation to the team. Another great idea is using the bikes in the gym. Join a cycling class with a killer playlist and your bound to get a whole bunch of miles. If you got your own bike the ideas are endless.  All I'm asking of you is find a few sponsors, get on the bike and have fun.  At the end of the day we can pedal with a good purpose. how ever many miles you can log is plenty no donation is too small start getting your sponsors now because march ! If you don't have time to bike, thats ok you can still give a gift that you are comfortable giving!

Visit the SwimPhilly team site for more information and to donate the the cause :

Hope to see you guys on the bike !