Recovery: What Do I Do After That Long Swim?

I just completed a challenging swim workout so what is the best way to recover?

The first thing you should do is bring a water bottle to practice! You should be drinking throughout practice, that way your already getting a start on your recovery. When your in the water your burning threw a ton of fuel so don't forget to stay hydrated during practice. 

This leads me to my next point refuel. The tank is empty after that workout you feel like you have an appetite that cannot be suppressed. If you need to get your energy back you going to have to eat. Pretzels and peanut butter or apples and peanut butter. Fruit and vegetable are always great because they serve as a sorta two for one. i remember when i was in swimming season they would call me bag lady. and it was cause i rolled outta practice with about 5 ziploc bags. Usually healthy things carrots, nuts but sometimes you just gotta add some trail mix to keep it interesting. This made my appetite easier to handle so, i wasn't like an angry bear when leaving school.

Just cause you drank water during practice dose not mean your not your fully rehydrated! Keep drinking your water. throughout the day or night. if your board of water, chocolate milk  is a good change it got lots of protein in it to support those fabulous muscle you are building. Also you can put fruit and herbs in water to give it a bit my flavor. I like adding cucumbers but the possibilities for this combinations are endless.

Last but not least get a good night sleep! Like i mean if your feeling extra tired go to bed early. it probably one of the best things you can do an you will feel ten times better the next morning. 

Keep calm and swim on 

Coach Kelcey