New Year, New You

We are coming to the end of a year. So long, 2016! This means with a new year there are brand new goals to accomplish and achieve! If you're trying to get better at swimming, my first recommendation is to join a place where you can use a pool regularly. There are many facilities you can join. Some are attached to a gym; others are just an aquatic facility on their own. Regardless, if it has a pool it should be good to go in terms of practicing your swimming. Many people want to get better at swimming, but their lack of a pool is a big hardship in their plan to really learning to swim. Swimming require practice, just like anything else. Give yourself time to practice before you reach the point of saying, “I don't know how to swim correctly.”

Beyond a pool, you really only need three things: a swimsuit, a cap, and goggles. Many times when I meet with my clients they get really hung up on not doing something perfect the first few times they do it. First of all, it’s completely normal to not do something correct the first time! It also takes practice to learn what feels right and what does not in order to know the difference. So if you want to get better, it’s going to take way more than just a few laps in the pool to get the right technique sorted out! Be patient with yourself, have fun, and enjoy the process.

Also, this will be my last blog until the New Year. I need some time to relax and start the year fresh! I do have a lot of really good things coming your way, so stay tuned and check in with the site (


Anyway, keep calm and swim on!

Coach Kelcey