Using A Snorkel

So recently I bought a new tool to use at the pool. This tool is called a snorkel. You’ve probably seen these used during water activities if you have ever gone snorkeling or to the Caribbean. These tools are a great addition for a swim workout. I would recommend it for those who have a good amount of swimming experience. The purpose of the snorkel is to challenge your breathing patterns. In competitive swimming it is common for you to do drills that make you hold your breath. In swimming, if you breathe every stroke, that will take you much more time then if you breathe every three or five strokes. If you feel comfortable enough try holding your breath for five to nine strokes to achieve something called hypoxia. Hypoxia is supposed to challenge the body to work at the same capacity with less oxygen, hence less breath per stroke. Using more challenging breathing exercises can be done with a snorkel, making your VO2Max greater; this refers to the amount of oxygen your lungs can hold. Pushing your aerobic capacity is never easy. It is very tiring and challenging, however, it can really pay off. Adding a snorkel to your workout can really help push you in a competitive way. If you’re looking for an extra push, a snorkel maybe a great way to challenge yourself. Snorkels are only about $25, so it’s a good investment.