Why do I swim? What are the benefits?

Ok it's obvious I'm a big fan of swimming, but why do I keep swimming!

!. Multiple Health Benefits

Swimming builds muscles all over your body ! When you swim you literally use your whole body. Water is 724 times more dense then air so your giving your body a real challenge when your moving threw it. Tight core check. Tight boootay check. Michelle Obama arms- Yeah girl you got 'em

Works that heart and lungs:  You can train your body to practice using less oxygen. A concept where you breath every five or seven strokes you learn to function on less oxygen. When I swam in college I was never a huge fan of these hypoxic, but it was always a really good challenge.



2. Sometimes you need a break from the land!

Land workouts are great. I'm not denying that, but doing a pool workout is a great active recovery (or it may not be a recovery at all). Its also great after you've done a long running race or hit the weights hard because it gives your muscles a break from the bonding of lifting or running. Its also just nice to change up scenery, pools are a great place to relax.

3. Your gonna feel pretty bad ass after you did that !

Did you hit a best time on a 50 sprint? Did you get your goals of yardages? Did you hit your turns? Heck yeah you did, you savage beast! What ever you have in mind before you hit that pool, I'm sure you will impress yourself!