What do I need to bring to the pool for a good workout?

Their are only a few things you need to have a great workout at the pool!

1.. Have Something to eat before you go to the pool!

 I know some people workout very early but,  if you want to have a good workout you have to make sure you eat something before you workout! Try something lite like yogurt or a piece of fruit that way you can fuel that inner beast!

2. A written workout!

Coming prepared allows you to make the most of your time in the pool! I hate to say it but i feel like if I don't bring a written workout, I'm likely to just spend time playing around in the pool. This is fun however it's not really an effective use of time. Your workout can have a theme or a goal in mind to help you focus. You don't need to be in the pool for a long time you just need to use your time effectively and bringing a workout will help do that.

3. Cap and Googles

Googles help allow you to see more clearly and comfortably in water. Just do yourself a favor and buy a comfortable pair. Caps are great and key for anyone who has more then a shaved head.  if your a woman you probably have hair on the longer side, wearing a cap allows you to have long hair without it getting in your face and providing drag. Female or Male if you have long hair wearing a cap just makes it more easy to manage.

  4. A Smile and positive attitude!

You came to the pool to get a good workout so enjoy it! Being in the pool has so many benefits! Burning fat and building lean muscle plus swimming is much less strenuous on the  muscles, meaning much less risk of injury. Regardless of why your getting in the pool enjoy it and have fun!