How to Conquer The Fear of Wearing a Bathing Suit!

I think their is one thing that people find very intimidating about swimming and it the lack of clothes that you have to wear. Because of this many women and men tend to stay away from the pool, but then you realize you missing out from all the fun that the pool provides. I've been swimming for years and you realize that swimmers come in all shapes and sizes. If someone has a problem with someone else body thats their problem not yours! I say this for both men and women. Be proud of your body and own it!  That being said I have a few tips to help you conquer your fear of getting in the water.! 

1. Their is truly a suit that everyone can be comfortable in. That being said you may just have to try on a few to know what is the best is. As someone who has been swimming for years it is crucial to try on a suit before you buy it! 

2. If your still not comfortable with just a suit they make t-shirts and shorts for the water. The brands TYR and speedo make tops and bottoms that can be used to cover up more and are to be used to swim in.

3.When all else fails have fun with your swim wear! I like wearing fun colorful suits in the water. Whatever your style is make sure its represented in the water.