Spring is Almost Here !

So spring is happily almost here! with the warmer weather on its way is give you a nice chance to get out side and actually enjoy yourself! I’m going to list five outdoor activities you can enjoy once the weather gets warm. off course some of these can be done all year round but doing them with the sun in sight is an added bonus.

A bike ride- it’s great exercise and it not hard on your joints.its a great way to see. The city or the outdoors. if you don’t have a bike there have been many places where you can rent them. Check online to see is a park has a bike share program. in Philadelphia, we have Inde-go bike share program in the city. This is great because you can start in one place and leave it in another place.

Kayaking-Do something active and bring a friend to the water. You can paddle around and get a brand new view of a place. the good thing about it being warm is you don’t need to bundle up and hey you may even work up a sweat.

A run or walk on a trail- their is plenty of green space in Philadelphia. i live near the wissahickon. Its a beautiful place where you can just enjoy nature. The trail is full of little gems you can find for example the statue of the Indian, the bridges and supposedly you can even go swimming their in the summer time.

Swimming Outdoors- it unfortunately not warm enough to enjoy the outdoor pools. Just wait until summer season officially starts to get those benefits. for example vitamin D and endorphins>