What I grab before Hitting the Pool!

 This blog Is dedicated to the things I grab beside your typical swim suit and swim gear. its st my top three things so I hope you all think the information is helpful!

The first thing is sunscreen. Sometimes its tough to find a good sunscreen that doesn't break your skin out. I typically use Neutrogena usually use the spray bottles because they tend to be less messy then the actual lotion.  All I know is that I don't want to walk around like a lobster because I forgot to put on sunscreen. Don't forget to put it on before you swim outside.  

The second thing I reach for is a water bottle. Weather your working out or hanging out on a summers day you will get thirsty sooner or later. The water bottle I have pictured is a hydro flask. They come in many sizes and and have various types of mouth pieces. but the great thing about the hydro flask is that it stays cold for 24 hours and and keeps hot water warm for six hours.

The third thing you have to pack is snacks. I included my hydro flask meal carrier. I usually throw some fruit in there. I also tend to pack some nuts or pretzels. Just to have something to nibble on post pool time. the pool has always made me really hungry so I need a snack afterwards.

I hope everyone truly as a great summer! Please keep me posted on your swim adventures and include me on your swim adventures uss=ing the hashgtag #swimphilly

Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys the pool and the warm weather this summer.