Beat Those Winter Blues

 Hello Subscribers,

I wanted to wish you a late Happy Valentines Day! Hope everyone had a great Valentines Day. I also hope everyone is surviving February, ok too? I wanted to apologize with how sporadic my blogs have been. Coaching at the collegiate level has been awesome, but at the same time very time consuming. Arcadia University has had a great season and are final championship is this weekend. I love coaching and swimming but i'm trying to decide if it's something I want to pursue but I do know I want to keep Swimphilly around.  I know I have had the winter blues but I have to keep training or at at least active threw it all. Below i'm going to include a workout for you all. Once spring happens my schedule should be much easier to handle and therefore I can definitely start blog for you all more regularly again. Also swimming doesn't need to necessarily be for fitness. Grab some friends pack the car and head to the nearest recreation center. Swimming in the pool can be fun and relaxing so if you find you need some time to unwind find a local indoor pool and stretch out.


200 warm up

6 x 50 Kick of your choice

4 x 75 Build by 25 (increase you speed every 25)

4 x 50 California style-  25 fast 25 easy, 25 easy 25 fast, All easy, All fast

6x100 Freestyle

4x200 Stroke

1 x400 IM

200 Warm down


Watch my video for the breakdown of drills!

Also February has been surprisingly warm, spring has to be around the corner!

Anyway take care and let me know what you guys think of the workout