What's the Latest with Coach Kelcey?

Hello all first and foremost, I would like to apologize for falling off the grid. There has been a lack of blogs in the last month or so. This is because I was offered the opportunity to coach the swim team at Arcadia University. I’m so thrilled to take on this position. I am also happy to report that I am learning a lot.  I help with coaching all of the kids but I mainly work with the sprinters. Depending on what day of the week it is I spend about seven hours at the pool. I have to agree that, I have a group of utter badasses who sometimes swim close to 10,000 yards a day. I'm also happy to announce that we have a six and zero record and most recently beat the defending Champions Albright College.

I have one day off and that's on Sunday! Despite this, it is such an enriching and fulfilling experience. I seriously could not ask for more from my amazing coaching staff and swimmers! Some of my duties include running them thru practice, working with are wonderful and supportive parent staff, giving them feedback on their swims. My only complaint is that I have to be up as early 5:30. At least it’s something I enjoy doing. I will keep you all updated on my experience and be patient with me about the newsletters.

In the Swimphilly world, I am still doing lessons. I recently gave a lesson to a girl who came from one of the biggest swimming programs in the country the nation's capital swim team. I’m still available during the weekdays and Sundays. The last race I was going to try to take part in was canceled due to bad weather but now I have two races coming up next season swim Miami and escape the cape. They should be a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to both of them. As I walked outside to visit the gym I realized how cold it was getting to be. Winter is coming. You can still swim indoors and all you need to do is back appropriately to continue to swim year round.