Fall is Officially Here

Sadly the summer season has come to an end, which means that the outdoor swim season is over.  Don’t fret, there are still things that we can do involving aquatics. Here are four things I would do to keep swimming!


1. Get a membership to a facility that has an indoor pool. Gyms and recreation centers usually have them. Also sometimes you will stumble on an apartment complex or condominium that has a pool. So keep swimming in the pool so that you can get stronger during the offseason!


2. If you're super serious about your swim game, join a masters team! The masters team provides a coach and a pool, and it is not crazy expensive to get a membership! They have all different types of memberships!


3. Sign up for somewhere warm to participate in a race. it gets super cold all over the east coast when winter comes along. If you have some extra money, treat yourself to a nice vacation with a race in it. There are some super awesome races in Florida and California! Look into them! I’m sure it won’t be a bad time!


4. Stay active regardless of whether you can swim or not! There are some great exercises to participate in during the fall, for example running or biking. Also hiking is a great activity as you get to see the leaves change colors while you get a full body workout!