Swimming in Salt Water vs. Fresh Water

This weekend I participated in a lake swim. I like to be friendly with people after and see how things went. A few of my fellow competitors informed me that they felt as though the swim in the ocean was much more challenging than the swim in fresh water. So I wanted to break down each setting and tell people the pros and cons of each one.

First I want to make a note by saying you should work to be a strong swimmer regardless of what setting you are going to participate in.

The Fresh Water: No salt, which is nice.

                         NO waves and/or current. The water is relatively flat.  

                          Mentally most people would think it's more doable.

                          I oddly found the water I swam in hard to see in. Maybe it was due to the        depth of the water or my goggles. The water  i swam in today was very clean though.                            it was just a bit odd not being able to see the bottom, but I survived.

Ocean and Lake : Temperature wise they felt about the same- relatively warm. I didn't wear a wetsuit in either race.

Ocean: Depending on the tides/current, it may help you get to the water sooner!

When you say you can't do something it sets limits on you! In the tri world you might miss out on some amazing races because you say no to swimming in a certain type of water.

New to swimming in open water? Start with a race in fresh water!  if you're a certified veteran, take out your wetsuit and attend an open water swim in the ocean. This will tell you what you're good at and what you need to work on! I mean, what's the point of life if you don't try something new, am I right?