Summer Workout: Summertime Fine

You guys are insane if you don’t hop in a body of water this summer! Pool clubs, gyms, state parks, and beaches alike, you guys have got to hit up a body of water that you can swim in. Once you get there you guys are going to need something to do. I got you covered!


Workout of the Day! I kept in mind that it is summer and I’m sure you guys are pretty busy so this workout should be about 45 minutes!


200 free warmup

6 x 75 kick/ drill/ swim

         Odds are free style, evens are stroke



Freestyle: Ketch-up, Six kick switch, Finger tip drag

Butterfly drill: left arm, right arm both arms, sculling with butterfly kick

Breastroke drills: Sculling with breastroke kick, breastroke kick on back with hands on your back

Backstroke drill: wave drill, quarter-half- full drill

4x100 -Kick with board (freestyle)



1st: 25 fast 25 easy

2nd:25 easy 25 fast

3rd: 50 easy

4th: 50 fast


100 warm down nice and slow, stretch it out

Feel accomplished! Enjoy a refreshing smoothie or Ice pop! Great work!