Five things to Keep in Mind Before Your First Triathlon

I’m a huge fan of triathlon as I'm sure you've seen from my website. I’ve done four so far. Three have been in ocean water, and the fourth has been in the Schuylkill River. Regardless of where they happen, I always have a blast. if you are training for your first triathlon, then this is the post for you!

Five tips for first time triathletes:

1.Give yourself plenty of time to train!- if this is your first time competing in a tri you have to learn how you can do three separate skills! Planning for this extra time will give you the necessary time to master your new skills.

2. Practice transitions- this is the part where you go from swim to bike or bike to run! Have your bearings just helps! Practice taking that wet suit off if you’re using one! Clipping into a bike? Please practice! Both clipping in and clipping out can be tricky when you’re rushing and if you don't practice for this you could fall off and end up with a bruise or brush burn! I'm telling you to practice because it will save you a lot of trouble on that important day!

3. If you’re swimming in open water, there are open-water workshops to practice the skills needed to swim in open water. It really helps you because swimming in open water is completely different then in a pool! You can practice skills like spotting/tracking! You’re going to move around in the open water more because of the wind and waves, so just make sure you’re safe and on course by looking up maybe every ten to fifteen strokes. in every triathlon I’ve participated in there is either a large buoy or flag you can look at to make sure you’re headed in the right direction. I used to swim out of Sea Isle City Beach house! You get people to swim with and the protection of lifeguards so check the schedule on their website.

4. What do I wear?- I usually go in with my bathing suit. Many people buy those dollar flip flops from Old Navy and wear them down to where you’re going to be swimming and then just throw them off before they get in the water. I will pack a pair of spandex shorts and a top to put on over my suit. You dry pretty quickly on the bike so I wouldn't worry about being wet. Tri suits are another great idea. Those are essentially onesies that you wear through the whole race but you don't have to buy them to complete a triathalon.

5. Preparation is everything- It's what you do in the dark that puts you in the light! Remember you probably signed up for this for fun! So enjoy your day and all its perks.