Top Three Toys to Practice With In the Pool

The are so many gadgets and gizmos out there that it can be hard to figure out what actually makes the body work and when am I playing around too much. So I picked out my favorite 3 pool items that help create an efficient pool workout.


  1. Kick boards are awesome. We learn to kick when we're young swimmers but sometimes I feel as we grow older we forget how important kicking is. Out of all aspects of your stroke, the kick is the most powerful so you want to be able to practice it in order to really make you faster in the pool. Kick the same way, though, and it can be boring. That is why I Iike the kick board; it helps you add variety to your workout. You can kick on your back and hold the board over your stomach. You can also mix up the kicks on your stomach: do butterfly, backstroke, or breaststroke kick on your stomach. Even time yourself and see how fast you can go!

  2. Pull- buoys serve a dual purpose. These little guys are the most under-appreciated pool toys out there! They serve a dual purpose in that when you’re just using your arms they keep you floating. This is a feat in itself. But another purpose is that it helps people concentrate on body position. Working on rotation is another key part to making the body more efficient in the water. The pull-buoy helps you shift your weight in the water, making your stroke more efficient.

  3. Last but not least is the dynamic duo. If anything these are the two guys you bring to the pool. The fabulous cap and goggles. This pair is so simple put its importance is key. The two allow you to be comfortable in the water. Goggles allow you to see clearly in the water. The cap keeps your hair out of your face and cuts out the drag that having a head full of hair creates. Invest in a good set and you won't regret it!


Keep calm and Swim on,

Coach Kelcey