How to Make your Kick Stronger

Your kick is a huge part of what makes you a strong swimmer. Many people forget how much the kick helps it move you through the water; it’s where you get a lot of power in your stroke. I have provided a few innovative ways to help you work on your kick.


  1. Vertical Kicks- Take yourself to the deep end of a pool. Your body should be in a vertical. position and your hands should be above the water. Kick for a selected time, I would say forty five seconds would be a great start, along with a fifteen second rest. You want to keep your head above the water. This can be pretty challenging; however, it can be very rewarding. Mix up strokes to see which is easiest and which is a challenge for you.

  2. Horizontal kicks- Grab onto a wall. Kick on your stomach. If you have access to a snorkel this will make it easier to breath. Perform quick kicks for an allotted amount of time, then rest. You want the kicks to be at sprint pace, so make sure you’re moving those legs fast.

  3. Paired kick board- This one is probably the most fun out of all the kick board selections. There is one kick board and two people, one on either end of the kickboard. Your goal is to move the person across the lane with your legs. This will be challenging to do, especially since the person on the other side will be doing the same thing.

  4. Because this blog focuses so much on kicks, I chose to create a video on breaking down the skill of kicking. Yes, the endurance of kicking is something that takes time to build up, however the points in my video are more technical and should help you right away!