Top Three Things to Bring to the Pool

A Silicone Cap- Caps are great for males and females. Anyone with hair longer than their ears would really benefit from wearing a cap. I would just recommend it, because in order to be able to see, you need a way to keep hair out of your face. With options for a cap, you can either purchase a latex or silicone cap. Latex is very thin. Silicone is a bit softer and I would say much more comfortable. Buy the silicone cap because it is much more comfortable.

A good pair of goggles-  A good pair of google can be a game changer. You can swim while putting your face in the water. As simple as this sounds, in order to enjoy swimming your eyes need to be comfortable. There are various models and types of googles. I usually prefer to wear the competition pair. If you keep good track of them, buying a good pair is well worth it.

My Underwater Audio Ipod: This adds a new element of fun to the workout. Who doesn’t love some great tunes to make you swim a bit harder? It’s also very easy to set up. Plug into your computer, upload songs, and then take it to the pool. Yep, it’s that easy!