Whats the best thing to eat for breakfast?

Whats on deck for practice?


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What’s on deck for practice?

What to eat? What not to eat? Swimmers are always wondering this! So when you’re eating breakfast, you have to keep in mind that your food choices need to be easy to digest and should give you plenty of energy for your future workouts. I, myself, am not a super hungry morning person, so initially when I wake up I'm not all that hungry. But if you’re up at the crack of dawn, your body will thank you if you properly nourish it before beginning your workout. Before I go to bed, I like to pack snacks for the recovery phase of my workouts, as well, to have after I have completed my practice.


You have many options for the pre-practice meal:

Greek yogurt


Fruit or fruit salad


Apple Sauce


If you’re going home and have the chance to cook after your workout or can “meal prep” the night before, you can make an

English muffin with peanut butter and fruit

or with avocado and/or a sunny side up egg.

Other post workout ideas include: smoothies or omelettes.

You can also pack some snacks, like raw veggies with hummus and/or peanut butter, nuts, raisins, trail mix, or pretzels. And when you’re hungry, you need to eat because you just completed a really hard practice.

Also, don't forget to carry around a water bottle with you at work. It saves you from the feeling of always being hungry. If you feel like you’re tired of water, try mixing in some herbs or fruits; this will give you some flavor. Whatever you do, stay hydrated!