The Process of Recovery

    Just as with any other workout, there are certain things you should do to help you recover from a swim. Today I did a two-hour swim. I looked up how many calories swimming burns. Two main factors affect how many calories a person can burn. One is how much a person weighs. The other is how intense the workout is. ( If you would like to read up on the how much your particular workout can burn read the article from Active-(
    From this article, I learned I burned 704 calories per hour from a high-intensity exercise. Because I swam for two hours that intends I burned about 1400 calories. That's a significant number of calories, to plan to rehydrate, refuel, and try to get a good nights rest. When you refuel and rehydrate, you will make up for all the energy you used in the pool. I would recommend with foods refueling with carbs and lean protein. Rehydrating starts with refueling that bottle of water. You can also put fruits and vegetables in, for example, watermelon, cucumber, and cantaloupe. 
    If your body is feeling exhausted and sore use something to massage it and get the kinks out of those muscles. A foam roller is a great tool to use on your lower body. The picture in the title features two items a foam roller and massage stick. Both are great for getting the kinks out of those muscles.  There are household items that can be used to roll out, for example, a tennis ball. This way you can roll out any tight muscles in your body.  Also, don't forget to get a good nights sleep. All the things I listed above should help you recover from any tough workout so keep them in mind after a challenging set or timely workout.