First Meet as a Head Coach

So yesterday was my first meet as a head coach. And I have to say, I don't know who was more excited, me or the kids. I had been preparing them the best way I know how, swimming them hard. Obviously, swimming isn't just a physical thing, it takes a lot of focus and determination and planning. I myself felt as though so much of my time and effort went into that day that I was determined to see it succeed. I did just that as my assistant coaches helped me out with the planning and executing of the day. I need people to know that being a coach is so much more than just being a presence on deck. We have a team of close to 25 people. If we are determined to win and see these kids perform well, we have to create a good line up. That takes about 5 hours. We run them through test sets and time trials. Time and time again we practice starts, finishes, and turns. The kids want merchandise and I say ok, but then I have to spend time, setting it up organizing it, getting people to sign off on it. Then I talk to parents post meet. I love my job so much, but it is a ton of work!

So all that work goes into the meet day, but the result outweighs all the work because my swimmers won their meet. Just seeing how their faces lit up when they got the best time or won their event wa

s priceless. They get so much satisfaction out of these events that it's fantastic. It's their hard work that speaks for itself. Another amazing thing about the swimmers was the team bonding. There was not one time when he stands were quiet; I was cheering, kids were cheering, and my fellow coaches were cheering! Everyone was very excited! I'm sure parents were excited as well! Regardless, I'm loving the energy from the start of the season and I hope to see it continue to grow over the next three months!

My first swim meet as a head coach is done, and I can't be more proud of myself, my team, and my fellow coaches.Thank you for a great day! Iā€™m still grinning from ear to ear. My takeaway from this is to always believe in yourself. If you have a vision, execute it. It may take a few years, but you know what you bring to the table. Finally, reach out if you need help!