A Little Travel Never Hurt Nobody

So this past weekend, I was fortunate to attend one of my favorite places in America, the Greensboro aquatic center. This place and I have a history together. So when I swam at the collegiate level this place was just opened in Greensboro. This is a beautiful facility. They have one long course pool, one diving well that can be used for swimming laps as well and a recreation pool that has a couple of public lap lanes available. So despite their being monthly events consistently happening there, a lane is usually always open.

They are also building a short course pool. this pool is probably around 6- 8 years old is it essentially a brand new facility. Everything is kept pristinely clean. I have a good feeling that the pool water is not only put through an intense water system but they probably have an ultraviolet system as well to help keep it clean. They host a ton of large competition events like USMS championship and the ODAC championship. Also, someone told me that one year they hosted YMCA regionals there, so trust me there is plenty of spectating space.

Another awesome part about the facility is that it is so fairly priced to get into. it was only five dollars a person and it does not require membership. So at the end of the day, all I'm saying is that if you find yourself anywhere near Greensboro check out this pool. One more thing because last time I was at the facility I was competing I heard music and announcements underwater. I'm telling you this place is nothing short of a swimmer's paradise. Have fun and take a dip in the water you won't regret it.