Paddle Me Around the Pool

So recently I got a swim-outlet gift card. I know, I was really excited to use it. I didn’t buy any swim suits. I did buy a bunch of new equipment. The piece of equipment I wanted to highlight in this blog is called paddles. Their are a bunch of different types of paddles available to purchase in today’s swim industry today, but the point of all of these different types of paddles is to improve and strengthen your pull. What drew me to these particular paddles were the simplicity of the paddle. All they have is a simple whole in them to insert the thumb into the paddle. Their is a underlying space for where you hand sits in the paddle. This particular paddle is over all pretty easy to wear.

When you realize is how important it is to have a strong pull you realize these the paddles can really help you achieve this. Although you can’t wear a pair of paddles for a whole practice. They definitely help develop a strong pull. And what I always say about equipment remains true. It’s a great addition add to any workout, as it helps diversify the workout. Plus you can move super fast with a pair of paddles and you don’t even have to kick.

The pair I have is made by Finis, quite happy with the simplistic design and affordable price of $20.99. So add them to your swim bag and have fun in the pool. I will add a workout as part of the e-newsletter with a pull portion. Good Luck and a have fun!