How to Make Your Kick Stronger

I made these how-to videos because people seemed to be having a hard time breaking down certain skills. The first how-to video I ever made was about freestyle kick. Getting really good at the kick takes a lot of practice but through repetition you can get pretty good at the kick. The reason why I find this kick so important is because for the freestyle, this is where all your power comes from. In the video I go over three tips that will help get your kick quicker in the water. The first is that you kick from your hips and not from your knees. Your legs should be left straight the whole time. If they are bent at the knees you're not kicking correctly. Another tip is that kicks should be done with a quick rhythm that create lots of white water. The third and final thing is that pointing your toes helps you move better through the water! By doing one or all three of these changes you should move better through the water. Try practicing by doing kick sets, maybe add in a kickboard to diversify the set.

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