5 things that keep me coming back to the pool!

  1. What I like about the pool is that it’s a complete change of scenery. I go to the gym and run a bunch. I also do weights and classes. That being said, the pool is kind of a different scene.  Swimming is great for your heart, and there is no doubt that it burns a ton of calories. I can get a good workout in the water or on land. Changing up the workout helps me continue to want to be active, and the pool just adds to the diversity of that.

  2. Going to the pool has always been enjoyable to me. Maybe it’s because it makes me think of all the fun times I’ve had doing swim team or it reminds me of the beach. Another great idea to make it fun is to bring a friend to the pool. You guys can try something new together and get a workout and afterwards you can grab a bite and catch up.

  3. I sign up for competitions that get me in the water. If you sign up, you have to train and practice. At the end of the day when you need a push to get in the water, this is what I use to force me in the water when I don't feel like getting in.

  4. It keeps me in shape. When you swim, it’s an “everything workout.” That’s right, your legs, arms, and shoulders all get a workout. Another muscle it works that we don’t often think about is our heart. So you get cardio and strength all in one activity.

  5. In some ways to me it's therapeutic. The first time I did a half marathon I ran with shoes that were supportive. The day after I could barely walk and I was wobbling around like a penguin it hurt so much. I thought maybe I should get in the pool. I didn't do too many yards, however, I was able to walk and was in much less pain than before I entered the pool.