A Shammy Or a Quick Dry Towel

Need a way to dry off fairly quickly? Well let me introduce to you something called a fast dry towel. These are towels that absorb water super easily and quickly. They are a step up from the regular towel because they don’t hold the water that they absorb. These shammies are made of a super absorbent fabric so it is very easy to mop up your excess water. And you know when your towel just feel grossly wet and heavy just due to the amount over water it has absorbed? Well the nice thing about the shammy is that you can just ring the water out. The shammy is great for camping too. This thing is so small that I usually just throw it in my bag in case I forget to pack a towel. I use it, wring it dry, and then repack it in my bag.  You can always have a towel but it's just super nice to have one of these if you get in the water often like me. You can purchase these on the at REI, swimoutlet.com or Dick’s. It’s a great gift for a competitive swimmer or camper. Try it out!