Treading Water 101:

Treading Water 101:

Treading Water is basically the easiest way to stay afloat! It is a great tool to have in in your arsenal as the main goal is to keep you floating and safe in a body of water.

Here are my five tips on treading water:

  1. Try to remain calm. Fear makes people sink. The more relaxed you are the easier it will be to float.

  2. Stick your chest out and head back. This body position makes treading way less tiring. Body position-wise this is similar to floating so it helps in that way too.

  3. Kicking wise you can either do flutter kick (freestyle kick) or breaststroke kick (frog kick). It doesn’t matter how you float so whichever way you feel is easier for you is the best kick.

  4. Your hands should be cupped. That way it is easier to move through the water.

  5. Please practice the position before you actually need to use it. You can practice in a shallow end and then move to the deep end where you’re actually gonna need it.